On The Fence: Coffee vs Energy Drinks

Coffee versus energy drinks – what’s your go-to? These drinks are popular in Australia, and a regular routine for many, but there’s more to your drink than just a daily dose of caffeine and an energy rush.

Join Nicole and Chrissy as they take an insightful look at the caffeinated drinks that have become a standard order in Australia. They find out which is more popular, but also the alarming health concerns they have:

  • Why do so many Australians drink coffee and energy drinks?
  • Which form of caffeine do people prefer?
  • What are the health impacts of your daily pick-me-up?

Don’t miss their interview with Suzannah Condylios, a Medical Student from the University of Sydney who will contribute to the discussion of how coffee and energy drinks affect you. Whether you’re on Team Energy Drink or Team Coffee, both sides of the fence have their risks.

With Thanks To:

Suzannah Condylios, Medical Student from University of Sydney

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