The Daily: Jewish Comedy from WW2 in Sydney

Terezin was a ghetto during the WW2 in the Czech Republic – then Czechoslovakia, where the Jews were forced to live. It is from there where they have been transported to concentration camps. Surely not a happy place to be. However, as Dr. Lisa Peschel has discovered, surprisingly it was a place with a rich cultural life. Known are the child drawings, but Dr. Peschel has discovered also an amazing theatre scene of Terezin ghetto. After many years of research, speaking to the survivors, learning the language, Dr. Peschel now came to Sydney and together with local actors she has recreated a play based on of the fragments of a play from the Terezin Ghetto. Prince Betliegend is, quite surprisingly, a comedy and will be showcased today, tomorrow and on Thursday at the Seymore centre at University of Sydney. Dr. Lisa Peschel from University of York, UK,  spoke to the Daily about this amazing play.

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