Communities Want Action on Air Pollution

Communities and advocates are calling on the NSW Government to act on reducing air pollution.

On Monday a coalition of community groups, environmental lawyers, health professionals and international regulators released a report of recommendations for the NSW government to reduce air pollution.  

The Environmental Justice Australia’s report ‘The People’s Clean Air Action Plan’ includes recommendations on reducing coal-fired power station pollution, vehicle pollution, phasing out wood-burning heaters, increasing air quality monitoring and legislating health based air quality standards.

 Bronya Lipski, a lawyer from Environmental Justice Australia and one of the authors of this report joined The Daily.


In response to ‘The People’s Clean Air Action Plan’ a NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment spokesperson has released the following statement below:

  • “NSW already has a comprehensive air quality monitoring network and robust regulatory and policy framework in place for managing air quality.
  • The Clean Air Strategy will integrate with other relevant strategies and take account of Government responses to recommendations from inquiries into the 2019-20 bushfires.
  • A draft of the NSW Government’s Clean Air Strategy will be released for public consultation in the near future.
  • DPIE will review the EJA Plan together with all other submissions and comments in finalising the Strategy for Government consideration”

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