Demolition of Allianz Stadium Green Light

Last Friday, the Department of Planning and Environment granted approval to the NSW state government to begin the demolition of the Sydney Football Stadium, also known as Allianz Stadium, at Moore Park. Now the decision to demolish the stadium has not come without its fair share of controversy, the issue of funding to rebuild a completely new stadium from scratch being the key concern.

However, in light of this announcement, the leader of the NSW Labor party, Michael Daley, said that if Labor is elected to NSW parliament next year taxpayers will not be the ones paying for the rebuilding of a stadium. This puts the future of Moore Park’s 30 year old inhabitant in a bit of limbo.

To discuss the future of sporting stadiums in NSW, and what the benefits of demolishing and rebuilding Allianz stadium could be we were joined by Senior Lecturer in Sport Management at Western Sydney University, Jessica Richards.

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