COVID-19 Escalates Cybercrime

News of COVID-19 has been everywhere these past couple of months. Each day new information comes out informing Australians how to act and respond to this developing pandemic. With many people concerned over their physical health, the internet has become a valuable source of keeping updated. However, cyber hackers have used this pandemic to exploit vulnerable people through the emergence of fake websites and phishing emails. These websites and emails claim to provide information about the coronavirus such as ‘natural remedies to cure the illness’, enabling hackers access to private details such as usernames and passwords. Not only this but they are asking for donations for vaccines and research, providing hackers with a user’s bank details.

In the Czech Republic cybercriminals launched an attack on a hospital’s computer system, delaying many of the coronavirus test results. Whilst for others, working from home has caused spikes in the amount of cybercriminals hacking into company files and information.

2SER spoke with Professor Matthew Warren, Deputy Director of the Deakin University Centre for Cyber Security Research and Innovation who discussed the issue of cybersecurity in this current health crisis and how we can stay safe online.

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