Credit where credit’s due

This week’s Deep Dive looks at part of the archive that’s still emerging – the 2SER Honour Roll. The point of the Honour Roll is to put together a list of people who have contributed to the station over its time on air – contributions big, small, on the mic, behind it or just in the kitchen. We’re interested in knowing all about who has helped us over time – and being able to give them some proper kudos.

The Honour Roll is completely voluntary and subjective – contributors are welcome to add themselves (or someone they know) in as little or much detail as they like. We promise there will be no Spammy-follow ups, no selling your info to Third Parties (or any parties, unless they’re 2SER parties!). But we’d also love to encourage people to be part of it if they have helped us along the way – time to get out and have a big fat brag about your work and achievements!

So far we’ve uncovered former vols who’ve gone onto work for all forms of the media and beyond too – both here and across the world. With their permission, we’ll feature a few in the coming months, too.

If you’d like to get your name properly on the record, get onto it! The link to the 2SER Honour Roll is here –


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