Corporate Social Responsibility: Outsourcing Good?

On this episode, we’re doing something a bit different. We discuss a recent opinion piece by Peter Fleming in the Sydney Morning Herald on corporate social responsibility (CSR). Peter asks: Are corporations using CSR to take over social services formerly provided by governments?

Nicole and Peter explore the origins of CSR in the 60’s and 70’s, the critique by Economist Milton Friedman in the 80’s and the rise in popularity after the global financial crisis. Plus, a closer look at Uber’s CSR policy, entitled ‘Global Citizenship.’ 

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Music: Lotus, Peter Sandberg, Ebb & Flod, Trevor Kowalski, Farrell Wooten, Mitch Kapor (Epidemic Sound)

Credits: CNN Business, Wayne Heaney (Occupy Wall Street), Kino Library, Mitch Kapor

Image: Benjamin Child (Unsplash)

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