Cuddly dogs fight homelessness?

You might have noticed more homeless people and their pets on the streets of Sydney recently. It’s no surprise, considering that Homelessness is up 70% according to the most recent ABS census.

Ruff Sleepers is a group on the front lines of advocating for the homeless and for greater social housing in Australia, but they’re carrying out their mission in a surprisingly innovative way. The group provides a free grooming and healthcare service for the pet’s of our homeless, including vaccines, dog food and emergency surgery if needed. In doing so, Ruff Sleepers help create a sense of community and solidarity with those sleeping rough, using their service as a platform to stimulate conversation around the need for more public housing, especially residences that are pet friendly.

The importance of the bond between a person and their pet is immeasurable, which is the main idea behind the group’s unique approach to empowering the homeless. By making sure their pets are happy and healthy, Ruff Sleepers are able to relieve many from one of the numerous stresses that can be faced by people sleeping rough.

To continue their work and grow the reach of their service Ruff Sleepers are hosting a Beach party night and fundraiser on Saturday 29th September, 2018. The event will include live music, great food and a beautiful vista of the Sydney harbour from the Greenwich Baths.  You can find more information about the event here, or alternatively follow Ruff Sleepers on their facebook page.

Find out more about Ruff Sleepers and their work by listening to their interview with Bryce on Monday Drive.



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