Curation – setting the scene with Holly Williams

This week on Glamcity Tamson Pietsch and Anna Clark chat with Holly Williams, co-founder of The Curators Department.

They dissect what it means to be a curator in 2017, including how to create a sense of wonder while organising information and generating experience, and consider if it’s the curators job to set the scene in order for artists to deliver stories.

Holly tells GLAMcity about a number of exhibitions she has recently worked on, including Creative Accounting, which examines our relationship with money, how bank notes can be an amazing art form as well as government propaganda, and how traditional silver coins morphed into symbols of affection known as ‘love tokens’ used by convicts set for transportation to Australia.

She also fills us in on her recent exhibition currently showing at Customs House titled Something Else is Alive, which aims to uncover the secret city of animals that exist in the urban world.

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