How data is reshaping healthcare

As the needs of the population begin to change, so too does the way we deliver healthcare.

In a collaborative episode with Think: Digital Futures we look at how data is revolutionising healthcare delivery, the changing face of hospitals and the privacy concerns around electronic health records.

Jude Constable – Acting General Manager, Westmead Hospital
Mary Lam – Senior Lecturer and Acting Director of Digital Health and Innovation, University of Technology Sydney
Richard Royle – National Digital Health Lead, Price Waterhouse Coopers
Michael Bainbridge – Head of Clinical Engagement at the International Health Terminology Standards Development Organisation
Louise Ryan – Professor of Statistics at University of Technology Sydney
Dominique Cadilhac – Data Custodian of the Australian Stroke Data Tool and Australian Stroke Registry

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This show is supported by 2SER and the University of Technology Sydney.

Producer/Presenter: Jake Morcom and Ellen Leabeater.

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