Is the deradicalisation program for schools discriminatory?

A deradicalisation program has been labelled discriminatory, alienating and ineffective. The program involves training teachers, staff and students how to spot children that are ‘at risk’ of radicalisation, who would then receive counselling.

A report last year found that Australia’s counter terrorism approach was ineffective, saying it’s not focused. Community members further slammed it with accusations that it’s doing more harm than good in terms of creating a more inclusive society.

Despite this, the Education Minister announced 3 new support measures to be introduced in the classroom.

Hussain Nadim, Researcher and Coordinator South Asia Study Group at University of Sydney joined Sam Baran to talk about the potential effects of these types of programs.

Sam started by asking how well we can trust teachers and students to understand when someone is at risk of radicalisation.

Producer: Mariam Husssein


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