Dexter Story’s East African Narratives

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The Soul Movers – Bona Fide (FEATURE ALBUM)

Dexter Story – Bahir
Karen O and Danger Mouse – Lux Prima
Low Life – Downer Edn
Rina Mushonga – In A Galaxy
Skydeck – Eureka Moment
Stephen Malkmus – Groove Denied
The Ocean Party – Nothing Grows EP

Hailing from Los Angeles is multi-instrumentalist, producer, and student in African Studies and Ethnomusicology, Dexter Story. On Story’s latest album ‘Bahir’, the influence from his studies on the Horn of Africa runs deep, with each song carefully arranged and detailed. Fluidly moving between Ethio jazz, Afro funk, Somalian soul and so much more, each of the elements on ‘Bahir’ is purposeful, and never an after-thought.

The story goes, that over a decade ago Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ frontman Karen O drunk dialled producer extraordinaire Danger Mouse, and they vowed to work together on music one day. They’ve not only made good on that promise on ‘Lux Prima’, but shown off finesse in the art of collaborating. With Karen O leading the way on vocals, these songs are typically empowering, vigorous, and driving, but Danger Mouse brings in a slick, lushness to it all.

And Sydney punks Low Life return with their second album ‘Downer Edn’. Expanding from a trio to a five-piece, the band still retain their skuzzed up, guttural sounds and a brilliant, churning energy that never lets up, but its occasional reaches into shoegaze and new wave add a newfound dreaminess and sparkle.

Plus new singles from The Laurels, Hiss Golden Messenger, Lisa Caruso, Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, and Shafiq Husayn (co-produced by Flying Lotus).

Monday 18th of March, 2019

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