Digital Divides: Hacking the Human Genome

This is Part Two in a Five Part Series, Check the Show Page for More Episodes.

When it comes to medicine, we can see some of the most obvious benefits new technology offers human kind. But equality of access to these expensive technologies will prove problematic, especially when it comes to our greatest, and most terrifying, feat: gene editing.

Season 3 of All Things Equal: Digital Divides: We live in an age of disruption. Technology has reshaped all aspects of life on the planet. Every advance offers exciting possibilities, but also unintended consequences. Traditional social structures are being challenged, remade or destroyed, for better or worse. Human rights are not immune to the challenges posed by our new tech-defined reality.


Dr Joshua Chou, Senior Lecturer, School of Biomedical Engineering, UTS

Professor Merlin Crossley, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, UNSW

Dr Matt Beard, Fellow, Ethics Centre\

Domini Stuart

Kate Page

All Things Equal is a 2SER podcast made in collaboration with the Centre of Social Justice and Inclusion at the University of Technology Sydney.

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