Does Climate Action Belong in a Courtroom?

As young people take to the streets today in the Global Climate Strike, we chat about the eight young people that took the Federal Environment Minister to Court.


Last week the Federal Environment Minister Sussan Ley overturned a case brought by eight teenagers and a nun which found she had a duty of care to protect young people from the harms caused by the climate crisis when considering fossil fuel developments. 


In May last year, the young group sought to block a proposal to expand the Vickery coalmine in northern NSW. While the court did not grant the injunction, the judge found the minister did have a duty of care. A ruling that the Federal Environment Minister successfully appealed last week. 


So, why is this case unique and what are the trends in climate litigation in Australia?


We were joined by Jack McLean, a Lawyer at Equity Generation Lawyers which represented the students in the recent case towards the Minister for the Environment.

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