Don’t Pinch Yourself, You’re Not Dreaming

When you’re having a bad dream, all you gotta’ do it pinch yourself to snap out of it.
The only problem is it’s 2022, and you’ve been awake the whole time..  Turns out the world is just as bad as those fluttering REM induced nightmares you’ve been having.
Melbourne punk four piece PINCH POINTS know the shabby state of affairs is a lot to take in, but it helps to have a cathartic vent of frustration (which believe me, they do) on their new powerfully pronged record: PROCESS
Taking aim at many of the social injustices that marginalized societies face across the continent, mixed in with an outcry for climate change, an apathy for ill-aligned political agendas and a personal commentary for their own mental health – Pinch Points deliver protest music for those who are on the brink of all out nihilism. All the while belting out some killer high-velocity sharpened punk riffs that are turbo charged to get straight to the point. No fluffing around – there’s a lot of things to be angry about, most annoyingly is that people steer clear of the obvious solutions.

Acacia, Adam, Isabella and Jordan of the band took some time out to have a chat on on The Band Next Door on 2SER to let us know how they handle the problems that plague society.

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