Dr. Karl on Herd Immunity, Experiments at Home and the Eureka Award!

It’s been a year that will go down in the record books for many reasons, but there is an underlying thing that has been so important when it comes to discussion around this pandemic and that is science. It’s the theories, facts and evidence from science that are directing the way we deal with this virus and as we’ve always seen in the past, it is the scientists that will be leading into the future.

So what about the next generation of scientists? There may be many children out there or budding youngsters keen to explore and hypothesise and learn, even in isolation.

Fortunately, we have the legendary author, science broadcaster and all-round legend, Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki to let us know how to you can share you love of science and maybe win along the way!

Check out the Sleek Geek’s Science Eureka Prize here!

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