Election ’19: The Road Ahead for Australia’s Students

We really are in the middle of it, fresh off the back of an eerily generous Federal budget, steadying ourselves for May 18th’s federal election, the entire country is in something of a political purgatory.

Just as the budget media storm starts to settle, you can expect to face a myriad of promises, policies and snide remarks from every crevasse of the political spectrum. One of the few issues at risk of flying under the radar is higher education.

Usually, the upcoming election would warrant the comment of an education professor, a policymaker or, god forbid, an actual politician, but in the spirit of this year’s NSW Youth Week, we thought we’d talk to someone with their ear a little closer to the ground. 

Desiree Cai is studying at the University of Melbourne, and also the President of the National Union of Students. Desiree spoke to Thursday Drive host Sidd Sharma about what lies ahead for tertiary students, and what they can do to affect their future.

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