Eli Winter guest selects for Sideways Through Sound

Eli Winter introduces a hand picked selection of music and explains it’s personal importance and influence on his new album Unbecoming – in the spotlight on this week’s Sideways Through Sound

Eli Winter Spotlight Selections 09-09-2020

  1. Eli Winter – Untitled [Live at Rhizome 16-09-2019]
  2. David Grubbs – Creep Mission [Creep Mission]
  3. Mute Duo – A [Axially Grasp]
  4. Tara Jane O’Neil – A Partridge Song / The Louder / A Sparrow Song [In Circles]
  5. Cameron Knowler – I’m An Old Cowhand [Five Cowboy Meditations For Guitar EP]
  6. Eli Winter – Either I Would Become Ash (STS edit) [Unbecoming]

You can hear Sideways Through Sound every Wednesday from 8pm, on 2SER 107.3

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