How To Plan For The End of Life

On this episode, we’re talking about death. Specifically, we take a look at end-of-life care in Australia from an individual and societal view.

Distinguished Professor Jane Hall from the University of Technology Sydney discusses how health economics and individual choice together can improve the way we do end-of-life care. Plus, Nicole speaks with a palliative care nurse about how to plan for the final stages of life.

Further Reading:

  • If you’d like to share your care experiences participate in professor Jane Hall’s survey, you can email
  • Starting the conversation about end of life care can be difficult, if you need help with where to start, visit or Palliative Care Australia.
  • In Australia, you can find state-by-state information on advanced care directives through Advance Care Planning Australia

Thanks to Grace Keyworth and Kate Reid, Nurse Practitioner, National Clinical Advisor from Palliative Care Australia

Music: Håkan Eriksson, Gunnar Johnsén, Spectacles, Wallet & Watch

Photo: Elien-Dumon

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