Endangered Marine Life Caught Up in Shark Nets

Since their establishment, the shark nets covering around 50 beaches off Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong have been a controversial solution for beach deaths in the past. Since 2015 there have been 22 attacks on swimmers by sharks. On the other hand, new data has shown that 90 threatened or protected marine species – including Dolphins and Turtles – have been killed by the shark nets.

Overall there have been 748 reported “marine interactions” with the nets – 615 of these being non-target marine life. With the data suggesting that the nets are doing more harm than good – and still not totally preventing shark attacks – are they truly worth it, and could this be the beginning of the end for the nets?


The Daily was joined bySean Nicholls, State Political Editor of the Sydney Morning Herald for more.


Producer: Max Lewis 

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