Energy efficiency the key to saving money and carbon emissions

Whether you’re a big business, or a small one, cutting costs is a big priority. For organisations big and small, electricity bills and energy costs make up a massive chunk of their costs. And not only does using a lot of electricity or other energy cost them – it also costs our planet. Alex Smith has discovered two programs running for business and communities to make their everyday operations more efficient – saving them money, and saving on those troublesome carbon emissions. One is called The Give Grid and was developed by ACOSS as a hub for sharing and supporting Good Energy Stories – exploring how energy efficiency can be simple and relevant and generate real savings. The other is run by the Clean Energy Finance Corporation and NAB, and is a major new investment program to incentivise Australian businesses to cut their energy and operating costs and lift business performance.

Story features:

  • Alfred Wimblett, CEO of Kith and Kin
  • Andrea Pape, Projectv Manager, The Give Grid
  • Oliver Yates, CEO of the Clean Energy Finance Corporation

Producers: Catherine Zengerer and Alex Smith

Reporter: Alex Smith

Photo courtesy The Give Grid 

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