EP 1 – The Power of the Female Vote!

For our debut episode of our new one-hour show, we’re talking politics, examining the power of the female vote! With the government’s gender problems dominating headlines over the past 2 years, so-called “women’s issues” will play an important role in the election. 

In the words of former PM Turnbull, the liberal party has a ‘women problem’, attracting the lowest number of female voters in the last election since 1987. PM Morrison has focused his political attention on the male tradies who ‘might vote labour’, neglecting female voters.

Can the LNP win back the liberal-leaning women, or will their votes go towards the female independents running in safe Liberal seats?

Later, we look back at the trailblazers who fought for the female vote! Including Lady Mary Windeyer, first President of the womanhood suffrage League of New South Wales

YMF hots Beth & Belle spoke with Dr Michelle Arrow and Historian James Keating about the history and power of the vote! Take a listen!



‘Yours, Mine & Femme!’ is a show where we put a spotlight on issues affecting female/feminine identifying persons of all ages, cultures, sexualities and abilities. To catch up on past YMF episodes or to make sure you don’t miss a story, follow us on Instagram and Twitter @YMF_2SER

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