This week Beth and Belle follow up on a theme that they discovered in their talk with Dr. Carol Leferve about older women and self image namely, once women and feminine identifying people reach 50 years of age, an invisibility cloak unwillingly gets placed upon their shoulders. That male gaze is no longer omnipresent.

That made them get to thinking about older women’s expression of their sexuality. It’s no secret that when you look at older women depicted in movies, film, in the media in general women beyond the age of 50 have been portrayed to not have sex lives whatsoever, and it’s only recently that we have seen that sort of representation. Listen in as Beth and Belle unpack why this representation is so deep rooted in our pop culture and if modern depictions like Grace & Frankie or the reboot of Sex and the City have at all changed the way our societal consciousness thinks about older women and sexuality with UNSW Senior Lecturer Dr Astrid Lorange.

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