This week Beth and Belle bring back YMF:In Focus a special episode where they deep dive into the works of feminine identifying artists, performers and trailblazers who are bringing us unique perspectives to ponder and admire! To kick off the first In Focus episode of the season Beth was lucky enough to talk to the absolute master of genre bending, fusion hip hop and only artist ever in history to win the Australian Music Prize twice and she’s not even Australian, the queen of alternative hip hop and RnB, Sampa the Great. Listen in as Sampa takes Beth and Belle through the themes, creative process and iconic collaborations Sampa intertwined throughout her latest and already highly acclaimed album “As Above, So Below”.

Sampa returned home to her mother country of Zambia to record this album and she shares what it was like returning home, healing her imposter syndrome, reclaiming her cultural identity and actualising her acceptance of being the woman she wants to be in every moment of the now rather than looking to the past or future for the best version of herself. Listen in to hear it all from the queen herself, Sampa the Great!

‘Yours, Mine & Femme’ is a show in which we put a spotlight on issues affecting women/feminine identifying persons of all ages, cultures, sexualities and abilities. To catch up on past YMF episodes or to make sure you don’t miss a story, follow us on Instagram and Twitter @YMF_2SER

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