1:00pm 11th Jun 2017 :: Another Angle

Original air date - 2:00pm 7th Jun 2017 :: Another Angle

This week's FREE goodies!   Vacations brings dreams to reality with this new Drake x Sade collaborative blend tape. The 5-track playlist produces tracks titled "Get It Together, Give It Up," "Lover's Smoke" ("Free Smoke" + "Lover's Rock"), "Gyalskin" ("Gyalchester + "Skin"), "Can't Cherish Everything" ("Can't Have Everything + "Cherish The Day"), and "Never Thought I'd See the Passionfruit" ("Passionfruit" + "I Never Though I'd See The Day"). Get It HERE       Faced with an overwhelming tide of political and social events, Thes One and Dj Day have channeled their frustration and disillusionment into a spontaneous art piece combining raw beats from the MPC, lyrical scratch work and a puzzle of forgotten vinyl. As number stations ring alarms and old alliances descend into chaos, the EP is an s.o.s. transmission from the two Náufrago lost within their own country.Thes One live on the MPC3000/Ren + DjDay live on the turntables Get it HERE (direct download)

session victim   castle for sale

psychemagik   blue sky

french kiwi juice   lying together

the upsetters   sun is shining (dubplatemix)

hampshire and foat   all washed up

lalomie washburn   bring minds alive

khruangbin   zionsville

d. futers   never givin' up

vacations   can't cherish everything

thes one and dj day   that devil

louis armstrong   the creator has a masterplan

trini lopez   i heard it through the grapevine

talking heads   walk it down

redspencer   ride it out

rat columns   is this really what you're like

the sunnyboys   let you go

megan sue hicks   hey, can you come out and play

real j   one love

computer graphics   taxi rush

kian t   good things

flowers must die   why?

follakzoid & j.spaceman   electricity

sugar minott   love gonna pack up evinha

triste janero   today it's you

bonnie prince billy   i always get lucky with you

massive attack   hymn of the big wheel (nellie hooper remix)

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