2:00pm 13th Apr 2017 :: The Hands of Tyme


arliament "The Silent Boatman"  

Ruth Copeland "Your Love Been So Good To Me"  

The Politicians "Psyche-Soulla-Funkadelic"  

Beck Bogert Appice "Superstition"  

Mott The Hoople "Violence"  

Hawkwind "Paranoia"  

Visitors "Terre Larbour"  

Yamasuki "Kono Samurai"  

Aphrodite's Child "The Grass Is No Green"  

Infinity "Same Girl"  

Wishful Thinking "Hiroshima"  

Neo Maya "I Won't Hurt You"  

Parchment "Son Of God"  

Magnet "Corn Riggs"  

Bob Frank "Wino"  

Ray Stinnett "Silky Path"  

David Crosby "Cowboy Movie"  

Spirit "Now Or Anywhere"  

Freak Scene "Rose Of Smiling Faces"  

Hot Knives "Secrets About Me"  

Riley "Field Of Green"  

Chris Bell "Better Save Yourself"  

The Modern Lovers "Hospital"  

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