2:00pm 15th Jun 2017 :: The Hands of Tyme


Roxy Music   Editions Of You

John Cale   Paris 1919

Scott Walker   Montague Terrace (In Blue)

Robin Gibb   The Worst Girl In This Town

Bee Gees   Then You Left Me

Felt   Look At The Sun

Jason Cord   Spring Never Came Twice

Leigh Stephens   Drifting

BroselMaschine   The Old Man's Song

Susan Pilbury   Never Said GoodbyE

Fresh Maggots   Rosemary Hill

Marc Bolan   Sunken Rags

Children Of One   Here And Now

David Wiffen   Never Make A Dollar That Way

Tim Hardin   Don't Make Promises

David Ackles   Candy Man

Fred Neil   Ba-Da-Dee

Country Joe McDonald   Only Love Is Worth This Pain feat. Peter Green

David Crosby   Music Is Love

Jelly Bread   No Brag, Just Facts

The Electric Flag   Nothing To Do

Maximillian   Naked Ape

Anonima Sound Ltd.   Red Tape Machine

Snafu   No More

Samurai   More Rain

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