2ser Breakfast :: 6:00am 10th Jun 2021


Sharon Van Etten   Like I Used To

Family Jordan   Sally

Liz Phair   Hey Lou

Sharhabil Ahmed   Argos Farfish

Martha Marlow   Don't Think Too Hard

Genesis Owusu   Centrefold

Jess Locke   Destroy Everything

Plants and Animals   House On Fire

Bryan Estepa   Admit Now Play Later

Yola   Diamond Studded Shoes

Something For Kate   Situation Room

Pictish Trail   Double Sided

Rostam   4Runner

Holiday Sidewinder   Swim

Buffet Lunch   Red Apples Happiness

Liars   SEKWAR

Liz Phair   Lonely Street

PEEL   Memory Loop

Gruff Rhys   Seeking New Gods

Gel Set   Feed Me

Mt. Mountain   Second Home

Dom & The Wizards   Water Pistol

HARD FEELINGS   Holding on Too Long

Liz Phair   Spanish Doors

Cannon   Strange Days

Spookyland   The Roses of Silence

Rosali   Pour Over Ice

Moussa Diakite   Danaya

Japanese Breakfast   Slide Tackle

Mr Jukes & Barnet Artist   Vibrate

The Goon Sax   In The Stone

Kiwi Jr.   Waiting In Line

Wilding   Losing Teeth

Joelistics   Fool

Jae Laffer   Some Boys Never Learn


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