2SER Breakfast :: 6:00am 10th Nov 2022


Oneohtrix Point Never & Alex G   Babylon

Vieux Farka TourĂ© & Khruangbin   Mahine Me

The Orielles   The Instrument

Laura Jean   A Funny Thing Happened

Bas Jan   Sex Cult

Scruffs   Relentless feat Mammoth

Van Goose   Where is Claire

Sonny Ism   Solastalgia

Babehoven   Pockets

The Nethered   I Waited

TV On The Radio   Quartz

Mother Sun   Tangerine Beach

Pearl & The Oysters   Pacific Ave

Laura Jean   Amateurs

Thus Love   Anathema

Full Power Happy Hour   Bit Of Brightness

Key Out   Together

Batts   Free

At The Drive In   One Armed Scissor

Andrew Gurruwiwi Band   Gatjumak

La Verite   Francois & The Atlas Mountains

Kelsey Magnuson   Anna's Song

MT Warning   All The Things I Know

LCD Soundsystem   new body rhumba

Way Dynamic   Food

Renovator's Delight   Play In The Sun

Drugdealer   Pictures Of You

Laura Jean   Pauly

Sunbeam Sound Machine   Easy

Jade Imagine   Instinct That I Wanna Know

Cool Sounds   Built To Last

Sven Wunder   Sun Kissed

Marxist Love Disco Ensemble   Material

Pei   Trying

The Uplifting Bell Ends   G'Mornin Sunshine

The Beat   The Tears Of A Clown

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