2SER Breakfast :: 6:00am 11th Mar 2022


The Machine the Fool and Us   Suspended Belief

Big Thief   Flower of Blood

Andy Golledge   Strength of a Queen

e4444e   Lightning Bolt

Alex Cameron   K Hole

Kerbside Collection   Round the Corner

Inkswel and The Snaglepuss   Let It Grow

Modern Studies   Light a Fire

EWAH & The Vision of Paradise   Hole In The Sky

Vietnam   Kidney Bingos

Coconut Cream   Safety Net

Pom Poko   Enduro Corner

Flowertruck   Crying Shame

The Blue Lighters   Little Known Fact

Early Days   Paresthesia

Andy Golledge   New Stamp

Dianas   Little Glimmer

Methyl Ethel   Matters

Immy Owusu   Mantra

Swamp Dogg   Show Me

Jimetta Rose   Still Here

Wah Together   Who We Are

Neil Frances   We're Falling Up

Andy Golledge   Ghost of Love

The Smile   The Smoke

Nick Murphy & The Program   Get It Wrong

The Stroppies   The Perfect Crime

The High Water Marks   Fantastic Machine

Reptaliens   I Feel Fine

Peter Matson   Call and Answer

The S-ft F-cus   Yr Name On Rice

JeanMarc and Lowbelly   Better pour ton droit

Winston Surfshirt   There's Only One

Samm Henshaw   Enough

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