2SER Breakfast :: 6:00am 16th Jun 2022


Donny Hathaway   Valdez In The Country

Popstrangers   Silhouette

Angel Olsen   Dream Thing

Bobby Oroza   Make Me Believe


u-Ziq   Galope

Ainsley Farrell   The Way Back

Lipphead   The Squirrel From Ipanema

Lewis Goldmark   Black Lake

Many Voices Speak   Nothing's Gone

Aldous Harding   Tick Tock

The Glass Picture   Stairwell

Michael Rault   All Night Long

The Stroppies   Material Condition

Horsegirl   Option 8

Punko   Time For Us feat Christobel

Helen Ganya   Beautiful Country

Tamwah   Warrajamba feat Miya Quaill

The Smile   The Opposite

Purple Dye   Time

Harold Dalywaters   Karu Lungka-Da

Lipgloss   Somewhere Between

Kyle Kidd   TMS

Bobby Oroza   Soon Everyone Will Know

Modal Melodies   Driving

First Beige   Sudden Weight feat. Allysha Joy

Yama Warashi   Makai No Keiyaku

Bottled Up   Livid Moods

Iceage   All The Junk On The Outskirts

B.Bravo   1010 feat Sally Green

The Citradels   To Antares

Savage The Girl   The Reason Is Fine

The Range   Violet

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