2ser Breakfast :: 6:00am 19th Mar 2020


Leanne Tennant   Everspin

Free Nationals   On Sight

Swamp Dogg   Don't take her

Cool Sounds   Around and down

Tame Impala   Instant Destiny

Best Coast   For the first time

Jenny Hval   Thumbsucker

Joseph Liddy & the skeleton horse   Roses in bloom

No Age   Turned to string

Wolf Parade   Forest Green

Machines Always Win   Runner

Moon Duo   The world and the sun

Swamp Dogg   Good, Better, Best

J.P.Shilo   Kid King Kong

Sleepy   Safe and sound

Floodlights   Matter of time

Little Scream   Still Life

Andy Golledge   Every time I see your picture on the telephone

Allah-Lahs   Keeping Dry

Odette   Feverbreak

Tracy McNeil & The Pony Boys   Not like a brother

The Unknowns   Will you wait for me

Sarah Mary Chadwick   Make Hey

Swamp Dogg   I'd rather be your used to be

DJ Shadow   Our pathetic age

100   Weightless

Islet   Good Grief

Isobel Campbell   Hey World

Good Morning   But we're not there yet

Black Lips   Georgia

SAULT   Over

Richard in your mind   All I can do

Thigh Master   Entity

Kevin Morby   No Halo