2SER Breakfast :: 6:00am 23rd Jan 2023


Kurt Vile   Goin on a plane today

Belle & Sebastian   Juliet Naked

Taylah Carroll   I'm Not Sold

Mi Muze   The Lovebird song

Babitha   Brighter side of blue

No Result   Me and you

Badge Epoque Ensemble   Soviet Zodiak

Full Power Happy Hour   Twenny Twenny One

The Blowfisch Saxophone   Do what you want f mix

Don Glori   Dlarme

The Go Team   Whammy-O

Wesley   Not Sure That Was Me

Mo'Ju   Money

Little Simz   Sideways

Babitha   Only fair

Medowhip   Am I Broken

Key Out   Together

Echo Omen   Moojar

The Allergies   Treat you right

Vayah   Tonight

Rozi Plain   Painted the room

Leland Whitty   Silver Rain

The Seven Ups   Old World Monkeys

Subsonic Eye   Hurt Your Head

Aleesha Dibbs   Distance

Eliot Lipp   Turtle party II

Babitha   In my own time

CIVIC   Blood Rushes

Everything But The Girl   Nothing Left To Lose

Straight Arrows   Fast Product

Glides   Lotus


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