2SER Breakfast :: 6:00am 23rd Jun 2022


Beastie Boys   Groove Holmes

The Citradels   All I Wanna Don't

The Frightnrs   You, Still

Flasher   Still Life

Popstrangers   Silhouette

Liquid Saloon   No Weasels Around feat Tal Kohavi

Bonobo   Tides feat Jamila

Eggy   Fill In The Blanks

Savage The Girl   The Reason Is Fine

Lucy Roleff & Lehmann B. Smith   Warning

Brightness   Devourer

Frollen Music Library   Tax Time

The Koreatown Oddity   Aggro Crag


The Smile   The Opposite

El Michels Affair   Kabhi

B. Bravo   Moon Bounce

u-Ziq   Magic Pony Ride (pt 2)

Flasher   Little Things

First Beige   Searching

Smokey   Leather

BOYO   Crazier

Halfheads   The Gold Coast

The Glass Picture   Stairwell

Body Type   FUTURISM

Bodi Bill   Big Gong Sounds

Editrix   Two Questions

Dry Cleaning   Don't Press Me

Flasher   All Day Long

Library Siesta   Insignificant Other

Bobby Oroza   I Got Love

SO.Crates   Hold On (To The Fallen Ones)

Jimetta Rose   Today

Purple Dye   Italiana

The Stroppies   Figure Eights

Lewis Goldmark   On The Second Floor

Yama Warashi   Makai No Keiyaku

The Laurels   Soul Candidate

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