2SER Breakfast :: 6:00am 23rd Nov 2021


Chitra   Give Up

Grace Cummings   Heaven

Curtis Harding   If Words Were Flowers

The Aerial Maps   The Heart Isn't Made For Earthquakes

Moussa Diakite   Danaya

Web Rumours   New Tricks

Ovlov   Feel The Pain

North Arm   Serpent

Flyying Colours   White Knuckles

DC Gore   California

Yibby   Amount

Charlotte Cornfield   Partner Crime

Tre Burt   Sweet Misery

Baker Boy   Ride (Yirrmal)

Scruffs   Wonderful Day (feat. Savage The Girl)

The Forresters   Fall Back In

Curtis Harding   Where Is The Love

Moju   Into the Feelings

Caribou   Melody Day

Ruby Jones   The Woman Who Loves You

Time For Dreams   Death To All Actors

Hovvdy   GSM

Riflebirds   Wisdom

Liv McLean   New Pair Of Eyes

Hard-Ons   Hold Tight

Traffik Island   You Do, Don't You?

Grand Pine   Heart

Laura Steveson   Don't Think About Me

Curtis Harding   Can't Hide It

Andy Golledge   New Stamp

Lizzie Loveless   Loveless

Good Morning   Burning


Ajak Kwai   Arrows (feat. Allysha Joy)

Dag   You-Hoo

Ada Lea   oranges

The Faculty   The Locks

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