2ser Breakfast :: 6:00am 26th Mar 2019


The Smallgoods   Satellite

Mavis Staples   Change

Stephen Malkmus   Come Get Me

Sweet Whirl   Strange News

Martin Frawley   You Want Me

POND   The Boys Are Killing Me

Julian Dyne   Hours

Victoria   Pompeii

Cass McCombs   Absentee

Nubiyan Twist   Permission

Stephen Malkmus   Grown Nothing

Palm Springs   Tabby's Star

Jaakko Eino Kalevi   Night Chef

Doe Paoro   The Projector

The Murlocs   What If?

Jess Cornelius   No Difference

Black Cab   Take It

Piroshka   Everlastingly Yours

Better Oblivion Community Centre   My City

Stephen Malkmus   Boss Viscarate

Gauci   Paradise

B-Film Etc   Check The Forums

Liz Brasher   Hand To The Plow

Magic Potion   Rest Yr Skull

Ibibio Sound Machine   Just Go Forward

Laura Imbruglia   The Creeps

Darvid Thor   Rest Of Your Life

Rina Mashonga   Pipe Dreamz

Girlpool   Lucky Joke


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