2ser Breakfast :: 6:00am 26th Mar 2020


Hamilton Leithauser   Isabella

EWAH & the vision of paradise   Play Hard

#1 Dads   Orion

Gil Scott-Heron & Mikaya McCraven   I'll take care of you

Sunfruits   Whatever you want

e4444e   Wolves

Four Tet   Something in the sadness

Ainslie Wills   Unlock the Vault

Automatic   Highway

DJ Shadow   Our Pathetic Age

Real Estate   The Main Thing

Hibiscus Biscuit   Wake Me Up

Quivers   Videostores

Jess Williamson   Wind on Tin

#1 Dads   Run

Use No Hooks   Circumstances beyond our control

Caribou   Never Come Back

Jeremy Neale   Time

Land of Talk   Weight of that weekend

Mere Women   W.Y.G.

Grace Jones   Warm Leatherette

Soccer Mommy   Crawling in my skin

Dan Deacon   Fell Into the Ocean

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