2SER Breakfast :: 6:00am 26th Nov 2021


Torres   Don't Go Puttin Wishes In My Head

Logic 1000   What You Like (feat. Yune Pinku)

Curtis Harding   Explore

Reigning Sound   You Ain't Me

Ruby Jones   Lit Up

Bad Bangs   All In All

Grand Pine   Heart

Joan As Police Woman   Perfect Shade Of Blue

My Morning Jacket   Least Expected

The Chills   Little Alien

Grinding Eyes   Until It Falls Apart

Brigette Bardini   Moving On

The Murlocs   Francesca

Telenova   Lost Highway

PEEL   Silver Spring

Traffik Island   Lady Driver

Sweet Nobody   Five Star Diary

Molly Burch   Took A Minute

Curtis Harding   Hopeful

Yibby   Amount

e4444e   Wear No Flag

Run   Velvet Bloom

Black Rock Band   Modjarrkki

Mo'ju   Into These Feelings

Dry Cleaning   Scratchcard Lanyard

Holiday Sidewinder   Swim

Monnone Alone   Time Is On The Run

Toby Martin   Buddleiah and Vomit

T. Wilds   Say It

Baker Boy   Funk Wit Us

Curtis Harding   Forever More

Al Malcott   Mediocre

The Lazy Eyes   Fuzz Jam

Ada Lea   partner

Charlotte Cornfield   Partner In Crime

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