2ser Breakfast :: 6:00am 27th Apr 2021


Allie Crow Buckley   Gold Medallion

Quivers   Hold you back

Ajak Kwai   Love Not Bitterness

Matt Berninger   Loved so little

Blake Scott   Bone Heavy

Ruben Neeson   I just don't know the truth

Louise Terra   Nature Calling

Psymon Spine   Modmed

Grinding Eyes   Until It Falls Apart

Nana Yamato   Burning Desire

Don Bryant   99 Pounds

Coda Chroma   If I imagined

Anchorsong   New World

Ajak Kwai   Nasalleh Beletna

Alexander Biggs   Postal Address

Kiwi Jr   Waiting in line

Odette Amends   Odette

Natasha Koodravsev   Women break out

The Luke Sinclair Set   Streams

The Luke Sinclair Set   Streams

Jane Weaver   Pyramid Schemes

The Avalanches   We Go On

Iceage   Vendetta

Fruit Bats   Holy Rose

Ajak Kwai   Let Me Grow My Wings

Night Beats   That's all you got

The Oogars   Girl in the mirror

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