2ser Breakfast :: 6:00am 28th Apr 2021


Yola   Diamond Studded Shoes

Dom and the Wizards   Water Pistol

Ajak Kwai   Life is a mystery

Will Butler   Promised

Moontype   Stuck on you

Restless Leg   The Wheel It Turns

Indigo sparke   colourblind

Aaron Frazer   Ride With me

Tangled Shoelaces   World

Roisin Murphy   Game Changer

St Ove   See you later

Jess Chalker   West Hollywood

Viagra Boys   To The Country

Elle Musa   Bibi's Bay

Cory Hanson   Angeles

Ajak Kwai   Dont Make The Woman Cry

Painted Shrines   Not so bad

Jess Locke   Little Bit Evil

Cut off your hands   Live for each other

Mindy Meng Wang and Tim Shiel   Body of Water

Lost and found   shock freindly

Japanese Breakfast   Be Sweet

Ajac Kwai   Let Me Grow My Wings

Current Joys   Ammateur

Robert Irish   Seadreams

Xiu Xiu   A bottle of rum

Tex Crick   Sometimes I forget

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