2SER Breakfast :: 6:00am 28th Jul 2022


Nina Simone   Here Comes The Sun

Donny Love   Boredom Pills

Tamwah   Warrajamba feat Miya Quaill

Spacemoth   If I Close My Eyes and Pretend

Cameron Deyell and Laurence Pike   Calling

Stella   Nomad

Organs   No Signs

Alice Cohen   Life In A Bag

Twins   A Part Of It (Apart From It)

Say She She   Trouble

Adrian Younge and Ali Shaheed Muhammad   Juneteenth feat Katalyst

Melody's Echo Chamber   Emotional Eternal

Neighbour Lady   Takin U 4 A Ride

Savage The Girl   The Reason Is Fine

Jitwam   The Get Down

Mush   Dense Traffic

Bas Jan   You Have Bewitched Me

Spacemoth   Asking For You

The Smiths   The Headmaster Ritual

The Buoys   Red Flags

The Easybeats   Good Times

Emma Volard   Deity

Idris Ackamoor & The Pyramids   Rhapsody In Berlin

Tasman Keith   SHARKS

Fujiya & Miyagi   Digital Hangover

Nicky Egan   Changes

Liquid Saloon   Shaiza feat Elyasaf Bashari

Color Green   Ill Fitting Suit

Spacemoth   UFObird

Flasher   Nothing

Automatic   Automaton

ARP   New Pleasures

Free Time   That's Rare

The Big Moon   Wide Eyes

Ghost Woman   Do You

Eggy   Gold and/or Silver

u-Ziq   Magic Pony Ride (pt 2)

Gary Numan   M.E.

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