2ser Breakfast :: 6:00am 2nd Jul 2021


Hiatus Kaiyote   Rosewater

Stevie Jean   Send me Home

Iceage   Vendetta

Rostam   4Runner

Maple Glider   Swimming

Teenage Fanclub   Back In The Day

Louise Terra   Yuu

Helado Negro   Gemini and Leo

Second Idol   Out Of Time

Cool Sounds   South of France

Anita Lester   Sun and Moon and Stars

Marinero   Beyond the Rainbow Tunnel

Grinding Eyes   When the Night Falls

Genesis Owusu   Centrefold

Flock of Dimes   One More Hour

Grinding Eyes   When The Night Falls

Hiatus Kaiyote   All the Words We Don't Say

Alice Skye   Party Tricks

Sampology   Memories In Flight

Du Blonde   Undertaker

Hiss Golden Messenger   Glory Strums (Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner)

Moussa Diakite   Moussa Niale

Liz Phair   Lonely Street

Bones and Jones   Broken Swings and Roundabouts

Lady Lyon   Surf's Up

Bright Eyes   Tilt-A-Whirl

Family Jordan   Stillness

Rachel Lime   Voyager 3

Brijean   Feelings

Squid   G.S.K.

Devotions   Final Girl

Hiatus Kaiyote   Get Sun (feat. Arthur Verocai)

David M. Western   Blue Eyes Red

The Besnard Lakes   Our Heads, our Hearts on Fire Again

Pearl Charles   All The Way

Moussa Diakite   Moussa Niale

Mindy Meng Wang ?? & Tim Shiel   Sleeping Tiger On The Band????

Lady Lyon   Surf's Up

Family Jordan   Stillness

Brijean   Feelings

Squid   G.S.K

Devotions   Final Girl

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