2SER Breakfast :: 6:00am 30th Aug 2022


Jefferson Airplane   Today

Cass McCombs   Music Is Blue

Kyoshi   Conduit

Julia Jacklin   Be Careful With Yourself

Wilder Maker   A Professional feat Felicia Douglass

Lee Fields   Sentimental Fool

Ainsley Farrell   Buffet

First Beige   Solar Shakedown

June Jones   If Only feat Katie Dey

Popstrangers   Try Trust

Melody's Echo Chamber   Where The Water Clears The Illusion

Grazer   Subverse

Laura Jean   Too Much To Do

Julia Jacklin   Lydia Wears A Cross

Spacemoth   Round In Loops

Felivand   Where Were You

Sunfruits   Made To Love

Otis Redding   Hard To Handle

Yothu Yindi & The Treaty Project   Mabo

Jitwan   The Get Down

Nu Genea   Marechia feat Celia Kameni

Cool Sounds   6 or 7 More

Tallies   Hearts Underground

The Murlocs   Compos Mentis

Thee Sacred Souls   Sorrow For Tomorrow

Julia Jacklin   I Was Neon

Kerbside Collection   Round The Corner

Kudu Joy   Clarity

Rachael Dadd   Heads Down

Zenizen   How Hard

Skunkhour   Blue

Liquid Saloon   Ancient Royalty Dance

100%   Belonging

Johnny Hunter   Life

Hot Chip   Hard To Be Funky feat Lou Hayter

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