2ser Breakfast :: 6:00am 30th Sep 2019


Broads   Velvet Paradise

Hiss Golden Messenger   Katy

Dyson Stringer Cloher   The Other Side

Ghost Funk Orchestra   Seven Eight

Pernice Brothers   The Devil and the Jinn

Campfires   Permanent Peace

Royal Chant   Shutdown Corner

Hannah Blackburn   Tiny Car

Tinariwen   Zawal

The New Pornographers   One Kind Of Solomon

Happiness   17

Kate Teague   Sweetheart

LA Mood   She Said

Dyson Stringer Cloher   Too Seriously

Thigh Master   Exodus

avery r young   sit down job

The Shivas   If You See Me

Cousin Tony's Brand New Firebird   Lived Forever

JP Shilo   Voodoo Talking

Wagons   My Darkness

Jenny Hval   Thumbsucker

Jay Som   Peace Out

Possible Humans   Lung Of The City

PP Arnold   I Believe

Dyson Stringer Cloher   Young Girls

Ty Segall   I Sing Them

Sleepy   Apologise

DJ Shadow   Rocket Fuel

Lucie Thorne   Twilight Star

MELT   The Grid

Summer Flake   You're A Star

Elizabeth   Parties

Larry Gus   Taped Hands Here

The Nagging Doubts   Human Shoes

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