2ser Breakfast :: 6:00am 31st Mar 2020


Kyle Forester   know what you're doing

Cable Ties   Pillow

Hamilton Leithauser   Isabella

Endrey   Holding Out

Wild Nothing   Dizziness

Fanny Lumsden   Fierce

Field Music   Beyond that of courtesy

Mojo Juju & Joelistics   Saint Valentine

Tame Impala   Lost in Yesterday

Shopping   Body Clock

Pernice Brothers   The Devil and the Jinn

Holy Fuck   Endless

Stephen Malkmus   Flowing Robes

Yves Tumor   Gospel for a new century

Cable Ties   Not my story

Obscura Hail   The Thin Man

King Krule   Comet Face

U.S. Girls   Overtime

The Stroppies   Holes in Everything

30/70   Drifiting

The James Hunter Six   Ain't going up in one of those

Program   Enquiries

Elizabeth   Here

Oh Sees   Snickersnee

Jae Laffer   Hotel Motel

Frankie Cosmos   41st

The S-Bends   Grown Over/Drown Under

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever   Cars in Space

Cable Ties   Sandcastles

Tennis   How to forgive

Joseph Liddy & the Skeleton horse   Roses in bloom

Beat Happening   Teenage Caveman

Floodlights   Matter of time

Meem   True Facts

Best Coast   Master of my own control

Wire   Cactused

Swamp Dogg   Don't take her (she's all I got)

Australia   Physical


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