2ser Breakfast :: 6:00am 3rd Apr 2020


Sarah Mary Chadwick   Let's Fight

Don Bryant   Your love is to blame

Cable Ties   Not my Story

Tracy McNeil & The Goodlife   Match to a rock

The Teskey Brothers   I Get Up

Tiny Ruins   Tell Her She's Dreaming

100   Weightless

Free Nationals   On Sight

Joyero   Steepest Stairs

Quantic   Is it your intention?

RVG   I used to love you

Hot Chip   Echo

Monophonics   Run for your life

Cable Ties   Pillow

Becky and the Birds   Wondering

Custard   Funky Again

Kraftwek   AĆ©ro Dynamik

Salarymen   That Man

Wire   Off the beach

#1 Dads   Another Day

Sudan Archives   Glorious

Campfires   Candle Park

Shotgun Jimmie   Suddenly Submarine

Yumi Zouma   Sage

Cable Ties   Tell them where to go

Tame Impala   Tomorrow's Dust

Dro Carey   Act Like you're home

Bruise Pristine   Tired Eyes

Jesse Madigan   Spring

Africa Express   Johannesburg

Dyson Stringer Cloher   The Other Side