2SER Breakfast :: 6:00am 3rd Mar 2023


Pavement   Grounded

Summer Flake   Barnacle Bill

Miss Grit   Nothing's Wrong

boygenius   $20

Rat Child   Love Facilitator

Dorothy Ashby   Come Live With Me

Blue Yonder   Tripping At The Trailer Park

Eternal Dust   Seventeen

Al Styne   Vehicle

Yo La Tengo   Apology Letter

Sunny War   Swear To Gawd feat David Rawlings

Xylouris White   Latin White

Badge Epoque Ensemble   Great

John Handy   Didn't I Tell You

Marcus Index   Aeon

King Floyd   Groove Me

Lord Esme   Shane Warne

Crocodylus   Person Suit

Miss Grit   Perfect Blue

Meemo Comma   Bubble Bag

Orange Orange   Say What You Feel

The Golden Gaytimes   Hot As Buggery

Julia Jacklin   I Was Neon

Body Type   Miss The World

Close Counters   THE DON

Galaxy 2 Galaxy   Jupiter Jazz

Joanie   Schadenfreude

30/70   Acceptance

Potential   Chronic Gains

The Holy Soul   High

Tasman Keith   SHARKS

Jen Cloher   Being Human

U.S. Girls   Pump

King Stingray   Milkumana

Babaganouj   Stay Up For Me

Party Dozen   Earthly Times (billy woods rework)

Tanukichan   Don't Give Up

Laura Jean   Amateurs

Motrik   KOAN

Alannah Russack's Entropy Band   She Leapt

Farai   National Gangsters

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