2ser Breakfast :: 6:00am 4th May 2021


Flock of Dimes   Two

Moussa Diakite   Moussa Niale

Liz Stringer   Dangerous

Nathan Roche   Scenes of the Week

Laura Veirs   Memaloose Island

Genesis Owusu   Waitin On Ya

Cool Sounds   South of France

Waxahatchee   Witches

Spookyland   Moonlight

Nightshift   Outta Space

Minibikes   Pussy Willow

Roy Ayers   Synchronized Vibration

Johnny Hunter   Try As You May

Tangled Shoelaces   World

Loise Terra   Yuu

Liz Stringer   First Time Really Feeling

Elizabeth King   A Long Journey

Cory Hanson   Angeles

RINSE   Trust in Me

Tex Crick   Supernatural

Second Idol   White Noise

The Murlocs   Francesca


Liz Stringer   Big City

Anchorsong   New World

Don Bryant   Cracked Up Over You

June Jones   Holy Water

The Pink Stones   Miss Wind Turbine

LT   Angeles

Buffet Lunch   Said Bernie

Hachiku   Bridging Visa B

The Chemical Brothers   The Darkness That You Fear

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