2SER Breakfast :: 6:00am 5th Apr 2022


Night Palace   Stranger Powers

Eamon   All I Need

Widowspeak   The drive

Kaah   Gud Har Med Sig Sa Manga

Punko   Plants Singing

Jimetta Rose   Do you

Traffik Island   Communication

Midlake   Meanwhile

Sampology   Running Around

Samm Henshaw   Enough

Luna Li   Boring Again

Mdou Moctar   Nakanegh Sish

Methyl Ethel   Matters

Eamon   Price to pay

Destroyer   It takes a thief

Soft Powder   Running Through The Dark

RONA   Closure (feat.Helena)

The Stroppies   Up to my elbows

Nagging Doubts   Dirty Scene

Silverbacks   Wear my medals

BOYO   Crazier

Eamon   Ready For War

Yumi Zouma   Astral Projection

Bernice   Empty cup

Hurray For The Riff Raff   Rhododendron

Screensaver   Clean Current

Elsy Wameyo   Promise

Punko ft. Christobel   Time for us

Pictish Trail   It came back

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