2ser Breakfast :: 6:00am 8th Apr 2020


Destroyer It just doesn't happen ::

Annie Hamilton Panic ::

Basia Bualt Light Years ::

Tinariwen Kel Tinawen ::

Cayn Borthwick Keep Me ::

Amaringo Moana Lisa ::

Sheer Mag Silver Line ::

Jesse Madigan Spring ::

Holy Fuck Deleters ::

Soccer Mummy Crawling in my skin ::

Wire Off the beach ::

Machines always win Thin Air ::

Sunfruits Above the clouds ::

Basia Bulat Are you in love? ::

Bright Eyes Persona non grata ::

The James Hunter Six Ain't going up in one of those things ::

Hayley Mary Brat ::

Stephen Malkmus Flowing Robes ::

Stephen Malkmus Flowing Robes ::

Grimes 4am ::

Martha High & The Italian Royal Family Room at the top ::

Jeremy Neale The strength to carry on ::

Clea Soft blow to the head ::

Floodlights Matter Time ::

Basia Bulat Electric Roses ::

Snowy Band Never Change ::

Felicity Groom Burj Khalifa ::

Perfume Genius On the floor ::

A. Swayze & the Ghosts Mess of Me ::

Meander Elizabeth ::

SAULT Over ::

Yves Tumor Gospel for a new century ::

Pernice Brothers Mint Condition ::

Sarah Humphreys Quiet Heart ::

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